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Common Sensor Faults.

A: Antifreeze Contamination

Antifreeze in the exhaust will attack and destroy the sensing element. A leaking head gasket commonly causes antifreeze contamination.

B: Rich Fuel Mixture

This will cause a heavy black carbon layer to form on the sensor element. Rich fuel mixture is usually caused by a failure in the air/fuel metering system

C: High Oil Consumption

This will coat the sensing element with a crusty, brown layer. Worn piston rings and valve guides, or other internal engine problems can cause high oil consumption.

D: Silicone Poisoning

Residue from silicone lubricants will rapidly destroy the sensors element. Care should be exercised not to get silicone lubricants on the oxygen sensor when it is being installed.
E: Replacement Universal Platinum II Oxygen Sensor

Easy to install, with slender body. Faster warm up, engine reaches closed loop sooner.

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