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Bosch Wide Band Sensor
Bosch Wideband Sensor - 0 258 006 066

Wide-Band Lambda Sensor (LSU4)

Within the Bosch range, this is the latest development, the wide-band sensor, which is a planar dual-cell limit-current sensor. The combination of planar technology and its modular design allows the integration of a variety of functions (diesel-engine control, lean-burn concept for engines and gas-engine control). The sensor element is a combination of a sensor cell and an oxygen pump cell, which serves for ion transportation. This sensor is capable of precise measurement, all the way from lean mixture through to rich mixture, The sensor outputs a clear, continuous signal throughout a wide Lambda range. A heater is integrated in the sensor to ensure the required operating temperature of 700-800 degC.

Characteristics: Linear and continuous characteristic curve; precise measurement over wide range; short response times; operating in 20 seconds; resistance to ageing; resistant to the effects of deposits and poisoning; robust and compact; highly temperature resistant; resistant to stone impact and corrosion; submersible; double protective tube.

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